Oxy-R Peptides

Oxy-R Peptides

After the discontinuation of Medik8’s ‘White Balance’ range, we have evolved our hyperpigmentation solution with a innovative first to market approach to hyperpigmentation - sitting within our peptide range. Welcome: Oxy-R Peptides featuring oxyresveratrol, a gold-standard hyperpigmentation ingredient, stabilised in Medik8 patented system, at our highest ever dose of 1%.
This lightweight, silky in texture and housed in a innovate ‘click to activate’ packaging. Oxy-R Peptides harnesses the powers of Medik8’s patented brightening technology: oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R for short).
Size: 2 x 10ml

  • Improves uneven skin tone and boosts the overall appearance of sun-damaged skin. Visibly brightens and combats all types of hyperpigmentation concerns. The hydrating serum absorbs instantly and is non-greasy. Highest strength oxyresveratrol on the market. Suitable for all skin types and tones, including sensitive.

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